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"They say that you're only half alive, 'til you give extra-whitening a try"
- 'Jesus Loves You'

This will be a somewhat primitive news section compared to other sites. I'm going to use it for only the most important news that i come across - basically because i don't have the time to continuously update the page and keep it current. But I would still like to make sure visitors to this site know all the important stuff ;) Probably the site with the best news section that i know of is Planet Jewel - it's updated all the time and keeps you VERY well informed - so go there if you want ALL the goss.

The Jewel newsring to your right is really good too, if you just want the basics ;)

Third Single: "This Way"

Yep, "This Way" should be on radio airwaves now. If it's not - request it! "This Way" is a very pretty song, it has very simple lyrics which, i have to admit, i was kind of shocked to hear coming from Jewel. But, i soon learned to appreciate that the simplicity of the lyrics was what made the song so beautiful. It's a sweet, soppy love song that i've grown to love. But you must know i'm biased by now ;) So you can make up your own mind! Click one of the links below to hear the "This Way" radio mix:

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A video for "This Way" has now been shot! Soul City Cafe recently ran a competition to find a director for the video. The very talented Marcos Efron was named the winner - you can watch the video he shot below. Marcos did a great job. The video features Jewel lounging around in bed - complete with white satin sheets - in lingerie. There's also many extreme close-ups in which Jewel makes love to the camera with her gorgeous eyes ;) Well worth a look!

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If you like what you hear, PLEASE, do everyone else's ears a favour - ring your local radio station and request it. Jewel's last single, "Break Me" didn't do all that well unfortunately. I never heard it on radio in New Zealand, not even once! And i did request it, but a one-person army can only do so much. Although, i DID hear it in Fiji! About three times! So yay, at least the Fijians appreciate a good love ballad when they hear one ;)

Jewel Injured in Horse Riding Accident

Jewel was badly injured on 24 April 2002 after being thrown from a horse while visiting beau Ty Murray at his Texas ranch. Jewel sustained a broken collarbone and 1st rib, as well as bruising - OUCH!! - but luckily, nothing permanent. She was treated by an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas and is currenlty recouperating. Let's all hope for a speedy recovery! Never fear, Jewel's tour dates in Europe and North America have not been affected. Her doctor said she could start singing again in two weeks, in time for the start of her European tour on May 10. However, she'll be unable to play guitar for four

to six weeks - which means all guitar parts will be played by Jewel's band during the European tour. Which will make it difficult for our fave singer to continue her little solo acoustic sets in the middle of her concerts as she has been doing. [As a huge fan of solo acoustic Jewel, that really sucks.] Still, you'll all still be able to hear Jewel's beautiful voice, which is reason enough to go to her concerts! Jewel should be able to both sing and play guitar in time for her North American tour, starting June 14.

Jewel has communicated with us via JeweLink, saying she is most appreciative of the well-wishes many of you have already sent :) If anyone else wants to send any "get well soon's", here's how:

1. Fill in the email form located at Jewel's Official Site. OR
2. Letters, Get Well Cards, etc can be sent to Jewel Kilcher, P.O. Box 1388, Brea, CA 92822.

Latest news on Jewel's recovery: Our little Jewel is doing well! *Grin* She's being slowly increasing the amount of guitar playing she does at each show of

her tour, and she just picked up the electric guitar (which requires a lot more effort and a bit of shoulder action!) a couple of days ago :) Yay! On a side note, apparately the American leg of her This Way Tour has been going extremely well. I'm so jealous to all those who have managed to attend her shows. Everyone should definetly check out the new tour section of It's really good to check out the setlists from all the shows, and, even more exciting, you can download audio clips and videos from her concerts. A new piece of multimedia is added every week. So far they've been excellent! DEFINITELY worth a look. Wander over to to see for yourself.

"Break Me" is out now!

The second single from This Way is Jewel's beautiful love song - "Break Me". It has been remixed for radio and sounds fantastic. Ring up your local radio station and request it - Jewel loves beating the odds!

The single will be commercially available in Australia only - the single will also include live, solo acoustic versions of 'Break Me' and 'The New Wild West' recorded at Jewel concerts in San Diego in August 2001.

My verdict on the 'Break Me' single? I love it to pieces! Break Me became an instant favourite with me the first time i heard it. I personally think it's one of the best love songs ever written. If you're still wondering what love is, or what it feels like to be in love - listen to this song - Jewel absolutely nails it.

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And that's all the news i have for the moment! If you have any questions - feel free to email me (just click on the email icon below), i'll do the best i can to answer them for ya ;)