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"The chains which once held us are only the chains which we've made"
- 'Deep Water'

UNFORTUNATELY THE MP3S ARE DOWN. I can't find anywhere to host them at the moment. But if anyone knows of a place - please email me. Cheers.

Jewel's performance at Woodstock '99 was, in a word... AWESOME!!! It's one of my favorite performance's of her's. I know some of you, especially new fans, are severely deprived, and haven't yet heard her Woodstock set. So as the "answer to your prayers" HERE IT IS!

The files are in mp3 format - but the actual file you download will be a zipped one. I didn't want to do that - but unfortunetly, i was forced to, so that i could upload them. But really it's no problem :) All you need is a program like winzip to open it. You can download it from this site .
Now all you've gotta do is chose the song you want to download - right click on the song name - and chose "save target as" and you'll be sweet!

A big thanks to Mike Clark who sent me Chime Bells and Angel Standing By. I thought it was a lost cause until he contacted me. So cheers Mike!

Set List
Song Length File Size
Near You Always 3:17 2.21 MB
Deep Water 4:49 3.22 MB
Hands 4:09 2.77 MB
You Were Meant For Me 4:35 3.07 MB
Jupiter (Swallow The Moon) 3:23 2.26 MB
Life Uncommon 4:51 3.25 MB
Foolish Games 5:02 3.36 MB
Down So Long 5:42 3.81 MB
Race Car Driver 4:03 2.70 MB
Down 3:24 2.26 MB
Love Me Just Leave Me Alone 5:31 3.69 MB
Who Will Save Your Soul 10:21 6.95 MB
Chime Bells 1:05 0.97 MB
Angel Standing By 3:09 2.79 MB