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"Don't wander too far, my one constant star / Darkness exists, except where you are / My feet are filled with wandering / They follow your own / 'Cause everywhere you are feels like home"
- 'Last Dance Rodeo'

Well, i gotta have a pic don't i? Here's me with my cousin and her friends on our recent holiday to Fiji in June 2002. I'm the one on the far left in the black top. The guy with the cheeky grin whose knee i'm sitting on is the luscious Joe ;) Note the fluffy yellow cocktails we're holding - they were made of vodka, pineapple juice and ice cream - soooo delicious!

Geez, what would you guys like to know? Hmm i'll start with the boring stuff:

I'm Stace, i'm 23 and i'm from Wellington, New Zealand. I recently finished 3 1/2 years of university - earning myself a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and History. Haven't really used it yet - I'm currently living in South Korea teaching English to elementary school kids. The teaching part is pretty average (and i'm pretty useless at it - haha! I'm just not mean enough to be a teacher! My kids get away with everything...). Korea is one crazy country - so many things defy logic over here... gives me heaps to write home about eh... and the weekends rock - it's been amazing meeting all these fabulous people from all over the world - plus my liver is taking a pounding with all the drinking i'm doing!

When i finally come back to New Zealand i'm planning on getting into the field of Occupational Psychology. Might become a careers consultant, or get into Human Resources.... still undecided on this one.

I LOVE dancing. It's my most favorite thing to do in the world! I've learnt Rock and Roll and Jazz, and a little Salsa and Merengue too. Latin American dancing is so cool... so sexy and you really get to shake your ass... so it suits me down to the ground ;)

Hobby-wise i'd have to say Photography. I love it. Technically, i'm not too good at it, but that dosen't matter. The only one i'm trying to please is myself, right? Besides, i have some great black and white shots that i love :) I plan to blow em all up to 8 X 10 size, frame them and hang em round my room *grin*. Haven't got round to it yet, i don't have the time. But i will get into that darkroom someday... One of my fave landscape photographers is Ansel Adams - he's briliant, i fell in love with his photos the first time i saw them. If you want to check him out - visit The Ansel Adams Gallery

Music i love (other than Jewel) includes: Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, Lisa Loeb... (notice a pattern? I think i just really love female singer-songwriters). I can also be found grooving to 80s Madonna, Destiny's Child, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Skunk Anansie and various kiwi musicians like Tadpole and Bic Runga.

As i'm a kiwi, i love any excuse for a good piss-up - parties, clubbing, public holidays... my god - you should have seen my last Christmas - my whole extended family were rather tipsy or completely trollied - it was a blast ;)

So, yes - i love to party, but i also love to take time out and read. I really enjoy reading... i don't understand how some people can hate it. My fave authors include Diana Gabaldon (read the "Cross Stitch" / "Outlander" series - you won't regret it). I also love Fiona Walker and Sheryl Jordan (NZ Teen author).


Yay! I thought that was pretty good :)


Yep, well, that's me :) If you like what you read, drop me a line, i love meeting new people and talking Jewel with other fans :)