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"I do not understand why a woman can't just love a man"
- 'Grey Matter'

How would ya like to watch a Jewel concert right in your own living room?! Click here to watch the full length (86 mins) webcast of Jewel's solo acoustic concert held recently at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. This concert was a collaboration between Higher Ground for Humanity's Clearwater project and in an effort to raise funds for Honduras communites. The money will be used to improve the health, well-being, and education of the community and give them access to safe and reliable water supplies.
I just watched the webcast recently, and thought it was amazing! Jewel performs alot of new songs and tells some great stories. The quality of the video aint that bad either! I've only got a 56K modem, yet i didn't get any of the stops and starts that you normally get with streaming video, and i found that the picture and sound were synchronised well (so, Jewel's lips were actually moving in time with the music! LOL). The setlist is just below. You'll need realplayer to watch the webcast. Enjoy!

Setlist for Jewel's Saratoga, CA concert at Mountain Winery

* Does anyone believe in love
* Talking - some amusing stories about how much she hates fashion shoots and her crooked teeth.
* Stephenville
* Sometimes it be that way
* Grey Matter
* Near you always
* Race car Driver
* Brings Steve Poltz on, does some more talking - about how 'hot' steve is - lol.
* I thought i saw you last night
* Silver Lining
* What's simple is true (poltz on guitar) Poltz leaves
* Who will save your soul
* Too darn hot
* Innocence Maintained
* Talking - about how she thinks she's getting a double chin, and then reads from Chasing Down the Dawn - a rather strange story about killing a goat.
* Rosy and Mick
* Cold Song
* Little Sister
* Violet Eyes
* Talking - the "how i met poltz" story
* You were meant for me (with Poltz)
* Chime Bells (a cool slower version - it's nice)