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A Jewel Fansite

Last updated - 5 August 2003

Welcome to Last Dance Rodeo!, my personal little tribute to Jewel.

PLEASE sign my Guestbook while you're here. I'd LOVE to know who's been here, and what they think :) I'll even endeavour to send you a special little "thank you" email if you do. Because, i'll definetely be reading them! :) Oh! And I'd love for you to take the polls! (Polls are always fun!!)

Ok, ok, enough with the silly intro - on to what you can actually DO and SEE on my site: Just use the pull-down menu below to choose where you want to go.

Last Dance Rodeo has now had over 5000 visitors! Woohoo! I'm so excited about that ;) Thanks to all those who have visited and enjoyed my site over the years - you guys rock!

Last Dance Rodeo is currently on hiatus while I'm on my OE in South Korea (of all places)... since I don't have ready access to a PC at home it's impossible for me to update the site as much as I need to - sorry!!! For all the latest surf on over to Jewel's Official Site.

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WE WANT A LIVE JEWEL ALBUM RELEASED! Well, i know I do. If you agree with me and hundreds of other Jewel fans - sign the the "Live Jewel album wanted by fans!" petition here.


Jewel has recently released her fifth studio album, titled 0304. In my oh-so-biased opinion, it friggin rocks!!!! (I mean, dancing plus Jewel? My two fave things in the world! I'm in heaven....) A little more poppy than the Jewel of the old days... but still very very good. The strong lyricism is still there, it's just combined with a different sound this time. Well worth a listen. Head on down to your local music store and check it out!
"Revealing Jewel - an intimate portrait from family and friends" is available in bookstores now. This lastest release from Jewel contains insights and tidbits about our fave singer-songwriter written by those who know her best. Contributers include Jewel's closest family members and friends as well as celebrities such as Moby, Steve Poltz, Ty Murray and Billy Bob Thornton. I haven't managed to get my hands on a copy yet but I'm dying to. I'm sure it'll be just as good as it sounds ;)
Jewel launches Soul City Cafe! Soul City Cafe is a place where "raw, up-and-coming talent can find their audience. And where audiences can create a grassroots environment to support talent and ideas that really matter." Check it out at!


Join Jewel's street team! Help spread the word about "This Way", meet other Jewel fans and have the chance to win fantastic prizes. Click this button:
          Celebrity Link

Let me introduce you the guardian angels of my site - Ashila, the Silver Angel and Country Girl Jewel - aren't they cute? I love 'em. To adopt a guardian for your site, visit "Jewel of the Web" by clicking on the logo above.

(Ashila was designed by the owner of "Angel with the Blue Guitar", with unfortunately no longer exists).


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