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5 August 2003
*Rewrote some of the About Me page.

2 August 2003
*Did a mini-update on the newsflash section of the main page - adding details about 0304 and "Revealing Jewel".

11 February 2003
*Gave the site pretty coloured scroll bars! Fun eh?

8 October
*Updated the About Me page with a new picture and some more up to date useless trivia about myself - you know, just in case anyone was wondering ;)

7 October
*Added some newsy bits about Soul City Cafe and the new 'This Way' video

23 August
*Revamped the Links page - aah, much prettier!

12 August
*Updated the news page (which was LONG overdue, i know!). I've added info on the third single from This Way and on Jewel's recovery from her horseriding accident.

8 June
*I'm ditched my old Spiritbook and got a new one, so please - go ahead and sign it!

4 June
*Revamped the Polls and added a new one!

29 April
*Revamped the news page

30 March
*Updated Tour Information page with details of Jewel's Solo Acoustic Tour!

9 March
*Updated the *Newsflash* on this page with info on the second single.
*Added more info to both the Tour Information and News pages.

23 February
* Updated Links (added new links to "Pieces of UK" and "UK Jewel Forum") and Tour Information (added information for NEW confirmed May concerts in Europe) pages.

22 February
* I now have some banners! Check them out on the Links page - feel free to link to me too ;)

10 February
* Added Awards page

6 February
* Updated a few little newsy bits.
* Added some of my favorite Jewel quotes to the top of every page :)

3 February
* I gave the links page a makeover and put in everyone's banners. I also took out the links to pages that no longer exist - *sniff* dying Jewel sites... it's so sad.
* I re-typed my blurb in the "About Me" section - some of my tastes have changed, and i'm a whole year older!
* Took the webrings and polls off the main page and gave them whole new pages of their own. I felt the main page was a little cluttered...
* Added a Tour Information page - so you can check out when Jewel will be playing a gig near you!

8 November
* Added official JeweLink newsring banner to the NEWS section. This features groovy links to "This Way" reviews, audio of "Standing Still" and whatever news may come up!

18 October
* Added official tracklist for "This Way"
* Added audio of "Standing Still" - Jewel's first single from "This Way"

11 October
* Moved the site to - Unfortunately decided to discontinue it's webhosting service - *sniff*. And as a consequence:
* The Woodstock mp3s are down. Not suprisingly, not many free webhosting providers allow mp3 files. So they're likely to stay down until i can find somewhere.
* Added info about Jewel's upcoming album - "This Way" in the BRAND NEW, News section.