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Welcome to Last Dance Rodeo! Let me introduce you to Ashila, the Silver Angel. She's the adopted guardian of this site :)

If you want to adopt an angel of your own, please visit "Angel with the Blue Guitar" You'll find a link to it on my links page.

This site is still under very minor construction - i'm not completely finished with it yet. But most of it is up and running :) Everything works (at least i hope it does...) there's just still some more stuff i wanna add.

PLEASE sign my "Spirit" Book (appropriate huh?) while you're here. I'd LOVE to know who's been here, and what they think :) I'll even endeavour to send you a special little "thank you" email if you do. Cos, i'll definetely be reading them! :) Oh! And i'd love for you to take the polls! (Polls are always fun!!)

Ok, ok, enough with the silly intro - on to what you can actually DO and SEE on my site:

Jewel "MUST SEE" of the month:

Special full length Webcast of Jewel's solo acoustic Saratoga concert. Follow this link to find out more.

I'm a big fan of Jewel, both of her poetry and her music. To check out some of her poetry follow this link. You'll find some of my favourite Jewel poems here :)

Poetry by Jewel Kilcher

This page is dedicated to Jewel's performance at Woodstock '99. This was one of her best, and it's definitely my fave. Hopefully, if i've done this right you'll be able to download the mp3's of each song from here.


And everyone loves pictures! So of course i've got a gallery :)


If you're sick of my site, or you want to experience some more Jewel - check out the sites on my links page!

Links Page

Or, you can always find out a little more about me! *grin* I felt i just had to add this page - I always check out these sorts of pages on other people's sites. Just makes them so much more personal and friendly don't ya think? It's nice to know who's words you're reading :)

Allz Abouts Me!

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