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The Official JEWEL site - Well i can't NOT have the link to this one can i? This site keeps you WELL informed on what Jewel is up to, as well as what's coming up. Also fantastic competitions, and new photos are put up every Tuesday. These photos are great, as they're taken by a professional photographer. Definetly look into joining Jewel's street team - there's a link on this site.

Planet Jewel - Well, i have to plug Scott and say that this is definetly one of the most informative Jewel fansites's on the web - and it's really well-maintained. This is where i go if i want the latest news - plus, there's masses of images found in the gallery, as well as interactive and download sections.

Jewel This Way - You can tell the owner of this site really loves Jewel - just read the intro. There's alot to look at and do here - plus some fab competitions. Go have a looksie!

Quiet Warrior - A great site created by my fellow Kiwi Jewel Fan, Kim Lees. This site has the largest collection of Jewel Real Audio on the net. Definetely worth checking out - especially if you want to hear some unreleased Jewel songs :)

Angel Needs a Ride I really like that layout of this site - its so pretty to look at :) It has MASSES of audio (real audio format) if you need a jewel fix, and the lyrics to boot. Also - angelfood, pics, info... overall, a great site.

Michael's Jewel - Beautiful site - the graphics are amazing. It has everything - bio, news, audio, chatroom, forum...

Jewel's Acoustic Spirit - This site is just so cute, you can tell the site owner really loves Jewel. There's heaps to do here - you can read poetry, play games, take polls or simply find out the latest news and tidbits about Jewel. Check it out, this site will make you smile :)

Jewel, Pieces of Dreams - Very nice site - loads of info, and interesting goodies to download, such as stories Jewel has told in concert and a song of the week. Definitely worth checking out ;)

Jewel of the Web - I really like this site, as well as all the usual "important" stuff like news, tour info, bio, pics etc it's also got alot of fun and interesting features. Check out the quiz, puzzle, polls, concert reviews, 'adopt-a-jewel' and the quotes, plus - there's some really pretty awards to be won for your site. One of my new fave Jewel sites ;)

Jewel - Pieces of UK - Pieces of UK is fabulously well maintained and from one quick look, i could tell it was dedicated to promoting Jewel and her music in the UK. Visit this site if you're in Europe for the latest Jewel features in the UK media and tour info. Even if you're not in Europe - this site still has things for you, especially the "song a-z" section which lists over 200 Jewel songs, links to lyrics and audio files, PLUS info on where and when Jewel has performed the song.

Official Jewel UK Message Board and Forum - Great place for UK Jewel fans to meet and discuss all things Jewel - especially now while she's touring Europe and you can discuss all the gigs.

Alien's Invasion Presents Jewel Kilcher - This site has won awards for it's fabulous range of Jewel multimedia. So for some Jewel 'viewing pleasure', mossie on over!

Jewel EveryDay Angels List Homepage & Guide - Ahhh, the EDAs! These people are really great! :) It is the BEST Jewel mailing list out there. This site has all the info you need to join up.